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I came to live with Jane and Allan from Alachua County Humane Society on May 25, 2019. I was at PetSmart with other adoptable dogs, and they picked me!

Topol's New People   Topol in a new yard
Topol in Jane's lap   Topol in a new yard

I was called "Timmy" at the shelter, but mama and daddy declared me Topol, as a more distinguished name.

I went home with them, and met new sibs Sophie and Rudy, who were nice to me. Rudy and I are still working out who is more important, but we're doing it with our words, not our teeth.

I'm learning phrases like "all dogs outside", "box up" for supper, and "cookie" from mom and dad. They'll take a few days to figure out how much I eat, but they gate us all for feeding so no one can steal. Apparently I need more weight, so I'm about to get spoiled rotten.

One of the things I love most is digging in the back yard. I caught a mole one day and mama praised my skills as a mighty hunter. She didn't give it back, though. I like to keep an eye on my people, so when I'm not guarding the couch or my recliner, I patrol the kitchen and the home offices to make sure food guy and mama are doing well.

My Alachua County Animal Services tag number is 020636, from 2023.

In case I ever get lost, I've been microchip tagged. Mama and Daddy have registered the chip with the appropriate agency:

Chip Brand Web Site Chip ID
Michelson Found Animals Registry 981020029484352

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