Sophie's homepage

Sophie had 15 happy years with us, full of excitement and bouncing and cuddles, and later napping and snuggling with mama and daddy.

I'm Princess Sophia Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bobesca the Third, but you can call me Sophie.

Artful Princess
I am the queen of all that I survey, so I like to get up on the furniture and survey more of my territory. Mama has more art and pretty fabric in her office, so I look more regal here. FREEDOM!

or, not...
I am very nimble, and have opposable thumbs. For reasons I cannot fathom, my parents oppose me using them to climb over the fence when I'm gated for the day.

Daddy says he's going to line the inside of the gate with plastic again, just when I'd finished scratching the last layer off.

At the FCLA 2011 Take Your Dog To Work Day, I won the limbo contest. This was a good day to be short! Daddy was so pleased with me that I got to eat half of a doggie-muffin, which was the size of my head. FCLA's excellent photographer got lots of crowd-pleasing snaps of me, too.

At the FCLA 2010 Take Your Dog To Work Day, I met the Mayor of Gainesville, Craig Lowe. He thought I was cute, too. We would have voted for him, if we lived in the city limits.

I'm not camera shy riding in the car I like this pillow We're seperate but equal scritch right there!
What's that? Sitting pretty Soft pillow Two cute Scritch there!

I came to live with Jane and Allan after summering with Mom and Popie in North Carolina. They can't keep dogs in Bradenton, so I get to play with Isabel and Laszlo now. Laszlo is kind of quiet, but I think we're already friends. I'm trying to teach Isabel how to be sociable so she'll play with me.

It looks like Isabel is trainable, we're playing regularly these days. Both she and Laszlo still get confused some times and just snarl when I ask to play, but I cut them some slack since they're old-timers.

When the holiday break started, mama took me to be "fixed", but I assure you, there was nothing wrong with me, at least not until the 36-hour time-release pain killer wore off. Now I'm learning about using the stairs to get off the couch instead of jumping. I sure hope mama and papa remember how to play fetch soon.

In 2015 I got a new brother, Rudy, who is young enough to keep up with me. I taught him who is queen of daddy's lap, and then we got along just fine. He even plays well, and I'm teaching him about squeaky toys.

In 2019 we got another new brother, Topol, who is young enough to keep Rudy busy so I can have a nap. I also taught him who is queen of daddy's lap. He plays well, but he keeps taking my favorite squeaky toy.

My Alachua County Animal Services tag number is 019775, from 2022.

In case I ever get lost, I've been microchip tagged. Mama and Daddy have registered the chip with the appropriate agency:

Chip Brand Phone number Chip ID
24PetWatch 866-597-2424 0a11382f46
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