Rowan had 16 good years, including five and a half great years with Jane & Allan. He passed away 2017-01-21.

I Love Blankets

Rowan Sebastian Dominguez-West's homepage

A mammal at the table I'm a mammal, and I can sit in a chair at the dining table. Why don't I get a plate of hot food like mommy and daddy, too?
I'll nap with daddy I'm comfortable napping on the couch with daddy now, as long as he doesn't use the flash.
I'm not camera shy in Allan's lap   This couch won't escape   When I grow up,
I want to be a coyote
On the lap... of a new person   Couch Guard   Listen to me sing Sunny Spot

I came to live with Jane and Allan after nine years in a happy adoptive home. My person couldn't keep up with me due to hip surgery, so I needed some new people. Coincidence led me back into CRT for a two hour drive to Gainesville, and then I was in a new home.

I won't lie, it was a little traumatic to move homes after all that time. The new people were O.K., and my new sisters Isabel and Sophie were nice to me. I arrived on a Sunday afternoon, and had settled onto the couch by Monday evening. There was even a blanket waiting for me to make a nest in.

At my last home I was called Ryan, but Jane and Allan call me Rowan because they thought it would be confusing to call their brother-in-law by the same name. I agreed to change, since Mr. Fitts was here first.

I lost a tooth in a tussle with Sophie, and had several more extracted by the dentist. I've kept the most healthy set for my photogenic underbite.

I'm training momma and daddy how to ask nicely when they want me to go outside, and I'll gate up for a cookie. We're still in discussions about how much food I need at each meal.

In case I ever get lost, I've been microchip tagged. Mama and Daddy have registered the chip with the appropriate agency:

Chip Brand Phone number Chip ID
HomeAgain (800) 252-7894 4368071539
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