Isabel's homepage

Isabel had 14 years, more of them good than not. She played, and napped, and ate, and passed away on the evening of 2011-08-04.

Hi! I'm Jane and Allan's dog, Guadalupe Isabel Chihuahua Dominguez-West, just "Isabel" to my friends. Mama and Daddy sometime call me "I. Chihuahua" and giggle a lot.

I came to them through Chihuaha Rescue and Transport of Florida, just like my brother Laszlo. I was fostered by Jenny in Tampa, then by Lil in Tarpon Springs. Both were sad to see me go, since I'm such a spunky little girl.

Jane and Allan came to pick me up from Lil's house in Tarpon Springs and Jenny came by to see me off. We all rode home to Gainesville where I got to meet Laszlo. He liked me right away. He said he thinks I'm cute. I agreed, of course.

Here are my latest photos. Click on them for the larger view.

The green eyed monster awaits her tummy rub. That's enough!
You may rub my tummy again. Ooh, ooh, rub it some more! Remember, I'm watching you

chihuahua kisses Click the photo to see us warming up the new couch.

chihuahua kisses Hanging out on the yellow chair.

Isabel & Laszlo on bed green-eyed Isabel pet me Isabel
Laszlo and I hang out I'm the green-eyed monster You can pet me now Who just barked?

Here are my first set of photos. Click on them for the larger view.

My first day at my new home.

a ship in the marina
in the town where i
was fostered

laszlo and his chewie

some time outside to
get used to the new place

laszlo and me together

checking out my new crate

Below are some photos of me when I was rescued,
and later when I was ready to be adopted.

In case I ever get lost, I've been microchip tagged. Mama and Daddy have registered the chip with the appropriate agency:

Chip Brand Phone number Chip ID
HomeAgain (800) 252-7894 45244A0A7F

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