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I came to live with Jane and Allan from Faithful Friend Pet Rescue on July 1, 2023. I was at PetSmart with other adoptable dogs, and they picked me! It was my first day out to meet people after I recuperated from a brief surgery and tattoo, so we were all glad they came early that Saturday.

Topol is my new buddy   I'm a mighty hunter of stuffed creatures
I help Jane's listen to audio books and surf the web   I'm the focus of mama's lap

I was called "Guaco" before, but mama and daddy declared me Diego since I didn't look like a snack.

I went home with them, and met new buddy Topol, who was nice to me. Topol is older and he's in charge so I only take his chew toy when he's napping.

I'm learning phrases like "all dogs outside", "box up" for supper, and "cookie" from mom and dad. They thought I needed a diet when I arrived, but I'm so active that I get a full bowl at every meal now. There are snack in between meals some times, especially if I make big eyes and sit up.

I love walks with daddy and Topol. They don't wall as fast as I do, but I'm willing to lean in and help daddy keep up with my pace. I like the couch and daddy's recliner, but I will take the guest bed if Topol says he's taking daddy's lap.

My Alachua County Animal Services tag number is 157369, from 2023.

In case I ever get lost, I've been microchip tagged. Mama and Daddy have registered the chip with the appropriate agency:

Chip Brand Web Site Chip ID
Michelson Found Animals Registry www.foundanimals.org 981020045827741

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