italy travelogue
Day 16. November 3, 2000. Rome, Gainesville.
Flying Home.

We woke at 06:00 for breakfast and last goodbyes. Some of the group had actually departed around 05:00 for red-eye flights. At 08:00 we took the bus back to the airport for check-in. We stuffed our carry-ons together and went through passport control without incident. We bought Baccetti for Amanda and a book for Allan which depleted both our dollars and lire.

Our flight boarded at 10:30 and we were seated in the back. A sailor with a Palm IIIe shared games with Allan. He said Palm computers are a necessity for submariners. We watched the movie Shanghai Noon and had lunch, which was chicken since the beef ran out several aisles early.

Another movie, An American President, played and then there was just TV. At 10:00 we declared ourselves on Eastern time and reset our watches.

We had several rounds of water and cokes, free gin and limes for Jane, and chocolate and nut coated icecream on a stick, for Allan. We landed in Atlanta after almost eleven hours in flight. We passed Immigration and Customs quickly, then checked in at our connecting flight's gate. We missed the previous flight to Gainesville while we were in Customs, so we camped out for the 20:25 flight. Allan went to the ATM and Wendy's for some fries and a Frosty. At 20:10 we boarded a twin-engine propeller plane, and at 20:45 we left with the assistance of new start cart for the engines.


Allan West and
Jane Dominguez