italy travelogue
Day 15. November 2, 2000. Florence, Orvieto, Rome.
Duomo of Orvieto.

duomoWe headed back towards Rome, with the obligatory autoqrill stop mid-morning and then a stop in Orvieto. Rita gave us our marching orders, then we got tickets for the Duomo and its side chapel. Jane provided guidance to many in the group about Signorelli's Last Judgement frescoes. We found lunch shortly before the rain started at 12:15.

By the time we were done, we could only wander through the mostly closed town during their siesta. The recommended gelateria was closed for re-roofing. There was a nice vista at Parco de Grotte, near the entrance to a local cave area. We had about three more hours on the bus back to Rome, where we stayed out near the airport.

At 19:00 we had our final group dinner. Afterwards, we went en masse to the gelateria across the street where we chatted and ate gelato until the cold wind drove us back to the hotel.


Allan West and
Jane Dominguez