Electrical Wiring

The house has some independent electrical circuits for the rooms' outlets and lights, with GFI outlets near any potential water source. The GFI for the whirlpool bath trips at a special breaker in the breaker box, the rest have a GFI reset in one of the local outlets.

01 Range
03 Range
02 Dryer
04 Dryer
05 Washer 06 A/C Compressor
08 A/C Compressor
07 Kitchen GFI
09 Refrigerator 10 Air Handler
11 Dining Recept 12 Master Bath GFI
13 Garage GFI Recept 14 Microwave
15 Bedroom #2 16 Kitchen Appliances
17 Bedroom #3 18 Dishwasher Disposal
19 Master Bedroom 20 Bath #2 GFI Recept
21 Master Bath Lighting 22 Whirlpool Bath (GFI here)
23 Great Room Recept 24 Kitchen Lighting
25 Great Room Lighting 26 Smoke Detectors
27 unused 28 Garage Hall Laundry Lighting
29 empty 30 empty

Communications Wiring

We had all of the communications wiring re-done when we moved in. Originally, there were telephone outlets in the kitchen, master bedroom, and Jane's room. Cable TV was available near the BPOP in the great room and in the master bedroom. We requested over 30 drops and had them installed by Sheard Goodwin, a friend and certified cable installer. All communications wiring is now centrally routed through the garage.

The Former Alarm

When we purchased the house there was an alarm system, originally installed by Scott Alarm and most recently serviced by ADT. The alarm system by First Alert was installed haphazardly after the house was completed. There were some wired detectors near Jane's room where the main box was, but many remotes were wireless. Only large windows and doors were sensored, smaller windows had no sensors at all. There was an auxilliary motion sensor for the great room.

The system had several fundamental flaws as installed. The previous owner stated that they did not expect anyone to break in through the small windows or the back of the house (where a privacy fence provides concealement). The window sensors, both wired and wireless, interfered with pivoting the windows inwards for cleaning. Jane also dislikes alarm systems in principle.

We removed the window sensors which were adhered with double-sided foam tape, the wiring which was adhered with syrup-colored glue which didn't come up well, and the box and motion sensor. Later we removed the alarm system's interior siren and the keypad which had small holes which need to be patched underneath them. The smoke detecor has a large hole above it in the ceiling and has not been removed as of 7/27/2002. Interior decorating by the previous owners was competed after the alarm was installed, and simply worked around the alarm devices. All of the spots where devices were removed will need to be painted

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