Date: April 25, 2004
Cities: Corfu

2004This morning we went to the Achilleion, the home of Empress Elizabeth of Austria. The art and architecture are very Austrian, and stand out in stark contrast to the Greek antiquities and achitecture we'd been seeing. The statuary in the courtyard is elegant, and the difference in tone between the wounded Achilles and the triumphant Achilles is quite stunning, though both are evocative in their own way.

2004It started raining as we went into Corfu, where we saw the church of St. Spyro. We wandered near the citadel and photographed when the rain let up; the park was pretty and the light was soft and even. When we returned to the hotel Jane napped for several hours in the afternoon. Allan bought a travel alarm clock in the hotel store to augment wake-up calls.

2004For dinner we went to a taverna Eirini knew where we started with ouzo, and worked our way through about six to eight courses interspersed with wine and dancing. Most people drank; many danced, some on tables.

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Allan West and
Jane Dominguez