Date: April 24, 2004
Cities: Metsovo, Ionnanina, Corfu

Today's lesson: check the telephone ringer when you check in to be sure that it wasn't turned off by a prior guest. Jane woke on her own, looked at the clock and declared, "Oh #*%&, it's 7:00!" and we were off at a run. Since we'd both prepared the night before, the only things missed were calm, decorum, and Allan's shower. An associated lesson was, don't be last on the bus if you don't want to have to share a seat, which was uncomfortable for us.

At the peak of the Eipiros pass, about 5500 feet high, there was some crystalized, slightly dirty snow. When we stopped for photos there, several of the college girls feined making snow angels while their friends photographed them.

The town of Metsovo, in the mountains just below the pass, was pretty and very quaint compared to the tourist-centric places we'd been before. Their local wine, Katoi, was said to be quite good, so Allan bought a bottle while we were there. Jane haggled three €7.5 evil-eye bead key rings for €10 total.

In Ioanania we made a disorganized stop for the citadel and lunch. We had a coffee break, then walked through the citadel to the far side where there was a Byzantine museum, mosque, and a tomb covered with a wrought-iron canopy enclosure.

Since the group separated before entering the citadel, we walked through somewhat more of the outer citadel than might be considered efficient, but we got to see lots of interesting houses and people. The outer citadel is still inhabited and makes a charming, if slightly convoluted neighborhood to walk through.

2004The ferry to Corfu was one and a half hours of pleasant breeze and calm sea. The Corfu Holiday Palace used to be the Corfu Hilton. It has a sea side and a lake side. We were on the sea side; the lake side also faces the airprort. There are also indoor and outdoor pools, a bowling alley, gym, hair dresser, etc.

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