Date: April 20, 2004
City: Athens

The airplane arrived at 10:10 Athens time. It was on time, and none too soon for our numb touchuses.

We met a couple from Arkansas who were also traveling with GoAhead in passport control, which we all breezed through after having our passports examined by interesting machines. We met another couple from Oregon near the luggage carousel who were traveling with us. Customs waived us out without any checks. There was one customs agent who just said go through that door, which turned out to be the exit of baggage claim.

The new Eleftherios Venizelos airport reminded us a lot of Leonardo DaVinci in Rome. The new airport is significantly farther from the city than the old one. The metro line at the airport was still under construction. There were also crews working on tram rails right outside the Amalia Hotel where we stayed in Athens, across from the gardens and the parliament building.

The bus had some gear-shift issues, but Athens driving was chaotic, so it's probably environmental. The hotel had a wall switch for everything electric in the room, which took a little time to figure out. The master switch by the door turned everything off.

The desk manager recommended the nearby Fidias restaurant for lunch. Fidias was pretty upscale, but the lamb was worth it. Jane needed a nap immediately, and Allan only held out 20 minutes before joining her. We slept about three hours. Dinner was at 19:30 and the introductory meeting was at 20:30, a re-scheduling which indicated additional delays for our tour director, Eirini. She had stayed at the airport where she was meeting the 17:30 arrivals.

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