Date: April 19, 2004
Cities: Gainesville, Atlanta, NYC

Belt & suspenders guys can't get through the metal detector, it's hand-scanning every time. ASA's snacks were pretty tasty, though Jane doesn't like honey wheat. One of Jane's luggage wheels got a dent at Hartsfield. It may have happened lugging them up the stairs from the tarmac gate where the ASA flight arrived. We didn't have to run at all through Hartsfield this trip.

The family in front of us had a carry-on cat, a 5 month old child, and a toddler. Despite all that, they were peaceful and quiet throughout the flight. The Boeing 767-300's tray-table hinge height was lower than Allan's knee height. The seats also lacked sufficient padding underneath us.

The New York to Athens flight proved that butt-numbing seats and too-low tray tables were not a fluke on 767-300s. Allan stood in the back of the plane, near the heads, along with other longer-legged passengers for a while during the night.

Both Atlanta and JFK exchange counters offered less than €0.75 per $1.00 compared to Allan's pager-news rate of €0.825 per $1.00; we hoped for better in Athens. The duty free catalog offers Inniskillin Icewine for $33/200ml. We considered getting some on the way home, if we hadn't bought too many souvenirs by then.

Allan still can't sleep while flying.

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Allan West and
Jane Dominguez