mehndi sketchbook pages

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below are some images from my sketchbook. most of these patterns are derived from pictures of mehndi i've found on the web. i started sketching the patterns out beforehand because it helped to do a diagram on paper at full size before trying it out for real with the henna paste. just following printouts of photos that i'd found on the web was too difficult.

click on the thumbnails to see full-size sketchbook pages.

sketch hand pattern--a request to diagram the pattern shown here.    
from sculpture exhibit radial symmetry--medallions from votive sculptures in the Harn Museum of Art's Buddhist Sculpture Along the Trade Routes exhibit. are they mehndi? maybe, maybe not...but they make great patterns for henna. from sculpture exhibit
from sculpture exhibit
floral motifs--the entire hand plus a closeup.
armbands arm/wrist/leg band patterns--the upper-left pattern was the first mehndi i ever tried. it came out ok despite my overconfidence. in retrospect, i probably should have started out with something a bit simpler and worked up to a complex design tribal some tribal design
hands pair of hands--backs hands another pair of hands--this time on the palms
hands yet another pair of hands--the left hand is as seen in madonna's frozen video (i couldn't resist) hands more hands--the one on the left i did on the occasion of my sister's graduation from high school (more on this below)
hands hands again--on the palms this time (the butterfly i did on my mother-in-law at her request) patterns various and assorted patterns
pysanky more patterns--the starburst is actually a pysanky (ukrainian easter egg) pattern--my other favorite thing to do hands more traditional hands
grad announcement sketch my sister asked me to do her graduation announcements--here's a section of the brainstorm page for it. i actually came up with some motifs that i've incorporated into mehndi patterns grad announcement and just in case you were wondering how the announcements came out--here's the final postcard
hands a doodle on my palm and wrist hand photo design on back of hand--a scan of my mehndi (recognize the shape of my hand from the drawings?)
hand photo another palm doodle hand photo by special request, a line drawing of the palm doodle to the left
designs a swan and some radial motifs hands more traditional hand designs
designs more hand patterns designs more hand photos
designs more hand patterns. if you haven't already seen loretta roome's mehndi: the timeless art of henna painting, you absolutely MUST find a copy of it. it is fantastic designs hand photos my hands, l. roome's patterns.


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