Getting Married Can Be Fun!


Jane and I managed to have a good time at our wedding, without any big bills or (new) ulcers. If you are thinking of getting married, then you may want to consider some of these tips:

o Don't over-plan the wedding.
We didn't have planning meetings more than 6 weeks in advance, and didn't let our parents do anything without our explicit permission. This prevents parents from taking over your wedding and messing up the rest of these good ideas.

o Specify the dress code of your choice.
We specified picnic dress, and actually got everyone to dress casual.

o Keep the ceremony simple.
My aunt videotaped the wedding, and the "ceremony" was less than 60 seconds. Yes, literally. We also held the ceremony outside under a tree (it was shady) in her parent's yard.

o Have a simple reception.
Again, we were at Jane's family home, so we had a picnic on the patio by the pool. This helped people feel appropriate without dress clothes, and we got to eat food we liked without worrying about dribbling on our good clothes.

o Make your own choices.
We had devil's food cake with chocolate frosting. We like chocolate better than the funny-tasting cakes with bland frosting most weddings have. Making choices because you believe in them, rather than because they're traditional, will make people (like you) feel at ease.

It's important to have your families get together (or so they told us) to celebrate and bond together at your wedding. Be that as it may, it is still one of (if not the most) important days in your life, so make it a day you'll want to remember.

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