italy travelogue
Day 09. October 27, 2000. Assisi, Ravenna, Trieste.
Church of San Vitale.

san vitaleAfter another early start we were on the bus to Ravenna with a break at an autogrill. We reached Ravenna around 11:00 and proceeded to San Vitale with the amazing mosaics from 9th & 10th century and terrific frescoes used to replace lost mosaics in the 17th century. This was the stop which had clinched our choice of this tour over all the other possibilites.

ravenna bikeBehind San Vitale there is a masoleum, Gala Placidia, with more 9th century mosaics. Jane took two rolls of photos inside and outside of San Vitale and Gala Placidia. We had lunch near San Vitale and bought a lens cap for the camera since the leather case was falling apart after 40 years.

We left Ravenna at 13:00 and spent the rest of the afternoon on the bus, with another autogrill stop where we got duct tape (called American Grey Tape) which Jane used to fix the camera case. We arrived in Trieste around 17:30, then went to dinner at a restaurant in a hotel on the harbor road. After dinner we read until almost midnight.


Allan West and
Jane Dominguez