The house is wood frame with siding. Siding on the front is Hardiplank and the sides and back are T-111. Studs are standard 2"x4". Exterior walls are fiber-glass insulated, interior walls are filled with while fluffy stuff.

The attic space above the garage has plywood for storage, the rest of the attic is open with lots of fluffy white insulation. There is narrow crawl space above the raised ceilings with a wierd space near the front door and garage joints. The attic has vents but no blower or forced air system.

The floor is concrete slab with a mixture of carpeting, linoleum and tile flooring. The concrete slab in the garage is unevenly cut and has marks of pine needles embedded in it up to 1/4" deep. The driveway is also concrete slab, which slopes steadily starting immediately outside the garage door and running to the street.

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