Notes on plumbing

Starting in 2006 the faucet in the guest bath tub dripped. In 10/2007 Jane replaced the stopper,which had been eroded by the dripping, adn tightened the fixture to minimize the dripping. The guest bath and the master shower have Gerber single-handle rotating faucets. The master bath had a Gerber single-handle rotating and lifting faucet. When the master bath started dripping, Jane attempted to find replacement parts, but was stymied by Gerber's disappearance from the local plumbing market.

We had B&H Plumbing come out and replaced the master bath faucet with a Delta single-handle rotating faucet on 20071026. This involved cutting the wall on the side by the linen closet. Wayne from B&H didn't hold out much hope of getting replacement cartridge parts for the guest bath.

Later the guest bath and the master shower started dripping, and we had J W Freeman Plumbing replace both of those faucets with Deltas. They cut the shower surround rather than making a hole in the wall, and covered the hole with a shiny plate.

The kitchen faucet diverter stopped diverting water properly, and B&H said it would require about 2.5 hours labor to replace. Allan replaced it with a Moen 87429 on 20071103, in less time.

The Moen dripped if you put pressure on the handle, and eventually Jane decided she'd had enough of that. The replacement washer kit may be Moen Spout O-Ring Kit Model 96778, Part 108630, but that's not available locally. Since we decided to replace it on the first weekend of April, 2020, during COVID-19, we got a whole new faucet from Delta because Delta parts are ubiquitous. This one also arcs higher, so it accommodates a Pur filter without lowering the clearance. Allan installed that on 20200405. The diffuser is in a baggie in the silverware drawer.

Faucet Brand Model Type
Kitchen Sink Delta 21988LF two-handle with sprayer
Old Kitchen Sink Moen 87429 two-handle with sprayer
Master Sinks Gerber single-handle lift and turn
Master Tub Delta single-handle turn-only
Master Shower Delta single-handle turn-only
Guest Sink Gerber single-handle lift and turn
Guest Tub Delta single-handle turn-only