Date: April 30, 2004
Cities: Pireas, Mykonos

We woke a little after 4:00 to leave at 5:55, slightly ahead of schedule and before the Globus tour which was also headed to the MTS Triton from Nafplio. Because ouf our early start, traffic was light and the trip was quick. We grabbed our luggage and said goodbye to Paris, and then we went through the port security and boarded the ship. Jane had a little tussle with a police officer about her film, finally winning when she conveyed the idea that 1600 ISO film was indeed "special film," not to be X-rayed.

2004Triton's capacity is about 700, but Allan heard someone say there were only about 500 aboard this trip. We had the mandatory life jacket drill, ending in the lounge rather than the deck by the lifeboats. We were uncertain whether that was supposed to inspire confidence.

There was a buffet lunch by the pool at 11:45 after the drill, and a sit-down lunch at 12:15. We went to the buffet, where they had a very wide selection of good food. Afterwards Jane went and snoozed with the Elmira crowd on the top deck while Allan joined Eirini, Heidi, and six others for lunch (yes, again) in the dining room.

Allan says it is important to compare the options available before deciding which is the best one. The dining room lunch had table service, but there were fewer selections and the seating and feeding took well over an hour. We discussed couples with different last names over lunch. Greece makes it harder for a wife to take a husband's name than not, lately.

After lunch, Allan went up to find the swimsuit clad college kids packing in after sunbathing on the top deck, since the clouds had rolled in. Jane was already asleep in our cabin. Allan lay on the top deck for a while before heading down, where Jane caught him and dragged him into the informational meeting for passengers.

2004The information person said that the ship frequently arrived 30 minutes early in Mykonos, so Allan told everyone it was a good idea to be in the lounge at 16:45 instead of 17:15 as originally planned. We didn't dock until 17:15, but we were still running a little early and we got to debark as the third group. Allan knew he'd lost his credibility about times, but this was the time it mattered, since we wanted to be back for dinner aboard ship.

For dinner we had buffet again, since it offered more options. The next day we would have to do sit-down and we suspected there would be toddlers present. No one from our group missed the boat, intentionally or otherwise.

cookie by
Allan West and
Jane Dominguez