Date: April 28, 2004
Cities: Corinth, Nafplio

2004After another leisurely start, we drove to the Corinth canal where we all walked along the pedestrian walkway on the older bridge to look down at the canal. Allan got a new water bottle and one of the chocolate-frosted, creme-filled pastries which featured prominently on his first trip to Greece. He had probably gotten one at that very shop 15 years before. Allan navigates by food landmarks whenever possible.

2004We had lunch at a restaurant next to the canal, overlooking a very low bridge which sinks beneath the channel when boats need to pass it. At Corinth we visited the museum and the archaeological site with our local guide, Patty. Eirini arranged the Corinth stop as an extra excursion since we were passing this way, and Corinth is well worth seeing.

Many tourists don't understand not to lean on historical artifacts in the museums, even if they are big hunks of stone. This was one of the few problems we saw at the museums. Greek museums do not have anywhere near as many barriers around antiquities as US museums have, which makes them more accessible, if somewhat more at risk.

When we got to the Amalia Hotel in Nafplia, Heidi and Allan compared notes about our fellow travelers, so now we had a better frame of reference. Allan introduced himself to the last couple of women traveling together who we didn't know while we waited for the bus into town for dinner. Allan counts learning all 31 people's names in 10 days a success.

2004When we got into Nafplio, we could not find a currency exchange place open near the square, so Allan planned to take a taxi into town when the banks open at 8:00 the next day to change some more traveler's cheques. Apparantly everyone who goes to Europe uses an ATM card now instead of cheques. The hotel only had enough cash to change $150 in cheques.

We wasted enough time looking for an exchange that we missed the bus after dinner and had to take a taxi back to the hotel. It was the most luxurious car in which either of us had ever ridden -- a full size Mercedes Benz sedan. Dinner was worth running late, though, and the ride in the Mercedes was very pleasant.

Allan did laundry before we went to dinner since this was the last hotel before the ship, and we had no idea what the facilities there would be like. Apparantly we would be getting up very early on Friday to travel to the port.

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