Date: April 22, 2004
Cities: Athens, Delphi, Itea

2004Eirini made our wake-up call 30 minutes earlier than everyone else's so Allan could get breakfast in leisure. The college kids were out drinking late, so a couple of them were slow to leave this morning. The local guide for Delphi, Penney, was very interesting. She included more philosophy rather than just dates & names so Allan enjoyed her spiel.

2004On the optional trip to a convent & dinner in Itea, our driver, Paris, told Allan that the limit for bus speed was 90kph. The EU is mandating new limiters for bus speed, which will cause the accelerator to stop working at 103kph. The transmission was automatic with "suggestion-shifting." That explains the jerkiness on the way from the airport. Highway traffic wasn't too bad, but around Delphi there are many hairpin turns which Paris handled deftly.

Valary from Chicago sat with us at dinner. Her husband could not come, so she's taking lots of photographs to bring home. She is retired from teaching English as a Second Language at Chicago City College.

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